Meet The Trainers

Matt Deulley, Esq.

Matt has always set out to do things differently. Much of this desire began in his undergraduate studies at Indiana University while he also worked to develop his business experience in operations management with UPS, as well as sales with Sprint.

After graduating from Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School and getting licensed in 2008, Matt enjoyed early professional success in private practice, concentrating in business, real estate and bankruptcy, but lacked the life he wanted in his personal life.

In an effort to pursue a better work-life balance, he closed his private practice to accept a position as Executive General Counsel with McColly Companies, where he also served as Underwriting Counsel for a title company. It was there, Matt began to realize that the way he learned to practice was not going to provide the lifestyle that he wanted for his family and his own life. In 2018, Matt re-entered private practice by accepting partnership with a local law firm, where he further developed what it looks like to have work-life balance.

As he helped guide that firm, he began focusing his attention on consulting with other businesses to create better strategies to earn more, but live even more. After his friends and colleagues approached him about working with other law firms in 2020, they together created Level Up Lawyer, while Matt re-opened his own law firm to be able to focus more on serving and helping others grow and make the impact they want to make.

Andy Sokol

Andy’s father was an attorney, and his mother was a paralegal – he was “supposed” to go to law school. However, Andy wanted to attend business school instead. At the age of 19, while taking business classes at the local college, he also started attending various business-related seminars and events to learn even more than would be taught in business school. “I have always believed that the key to my future success would come from my desire to always be better than the competition, never be stagnant and to continuously learn from the best.”

In 1995, after graduating from the FIU School of Business, Andy co-founded CopyScan Technologies (then CopyScan) with his brother Jeremy, with no more than a one-page ad and good credit.

In 2003, after many customer requests to shred documents from his legal clients, Andy created another company, RecordSHRED, which he sold to a multi-national competitor twelve years later.

Despite Andy’s success in business, he was overworked and needed to find a better way to run his business before he got burned out. He searched high and low to find great mentors, plus the right tools and training, to help create better processes and systems so he could have more balance in his life. By leveraging technology and automation, it allowed him to free up his time to do more of the things he wanted to do in his business, and gave him the opportunity to spend more time with his growing family.

Because he has owned a thriving litigation support company since 1995, and he grew up in a family of legal professionals, Andy understands the needs, challenges and frustrations that attorneys have in managing their firm’s operations and marketing, meeting their client’s expectations and making a profit at the end of the day.

Knowing that many attorneys worry they are stuck being overworked and underpaid, Andy assembled a team of experts and co-founded Level Up Lawyer to help attorneys create a thriving practice while achieving the time-freedom that he did.

Gina St George

In following advice to “be employable”, Gina studied Chemical Engineering and got an MBA in Finance. The education served her for 17 years in industry, and gave her the skills she uses as a consultant – business process, systems, financial analysis & management. But she was a slave to her employer – a road warrior managing operations and working on mergers & acquisitions.

After getting divorced, she wanted to find a way to enjoy life before it passed her by – while also having a growing and thriving business. Joining 2 small businesses, she discovered that small businesses often don’t have good systems and structure and that small business owners are overworked. So she became her first client and systemized those businesses so that they didn’t need her in daily operations, and sold one to a multi-national corporation using her mergers & acquisitions skills.

Today, Gina uses the combination of big business training and small business reality to enable professional service providers and small business owners to create a growing, thriving business and a life at the same time.

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